Tai Chi Improves Alpha Brain State: An EEG Power Spectra And Standardized Low-resolution Tomography Analysis



Mindfulness meditation, including the resulting alpha brain state, is gaining attention as an adjunct to health. The effect of Tai Chi on physical and mental health has gained increasingly more attention worldwide. The Bafa Wubu of Tai Chi was recently developed for this reason. To implement the national strategy of “Healthy China 2030”, we suggest using Tai Chi for improving the health of Chinese and additionally recommend it to the world.      



This paper aims to explore the effect of Tai Chi  (Bafa Wubu of Tai Chi) on the alpha brain state of the brain and the different positive effects between Tai Chi (TC) and brisk walking (BW)



This paper reports a pilot study using resting EEG signals. 51 college students (male : female = 3:14, 3 groups had equal ratios of males and females) were grouped into the TC, the BW, or the Control group. The individuals’ resting EEG signals were assessed before and after an 8-week training period.



Two-way repeated measures ANOVA with 3 levels in the group factor (Group: TC, BW, Control) and 2 levels in the time factor (Time: pre-test, post-test) found that the TC group had significantly higher alpha1 and alpha2 power in the post-test than in the pre-test, and the BW and control groups had no significant differences. There was a significant difference in the alpha1 and alpha2 power between the three groups in the post-test, with those of the TC group being the highest. The alpha1 rhythm source localization was Brodmann Area 39 in the TC group. There was no significant difference in the alpha1 rhythm source localization result between the BW and control groups.



Tai Chi emphasizes harmony between mind and body. A “calm mind and relaxed body” constitutes the most basic principle of Tai Chi. Tai Chi improves the alpha brain state. Through 8 weeks of Tai Chi exercise, the participants showed positive improvements in the brain state. Brodmann Area 39 has a strong current density and neuronal oscillations. The positive effect of Tai Chi is better than that of brisk walking. Tai Chi has its own unique advantages.


2020-05-30 — Updated on 2020-05-31

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